Your air conditioners are built to run through years of use. And if you want to get the most of your air conditioning system, you have to tune it up regularly. Tuning up your air conditioning system helps you get uninterrupted cooling. Professional tune-up enhances the lifespan of the air conditioning systems. The best air conditioning companies in Phoenix follow this simple guide to tune every air conditioning system and you can incorporate this into your AC maintenance routine.

Arizona Homeowners’ Handbook to Tune-up Your Air Conditioner

Charge the Refrigerant and Check the Pressure

You need to run your air conditioner properly all year round. Thus, the system needs to have an adequate amount of refrigerant. Unfortunately, over time, the pressure of the refrigerant can reduce. And a reduced refrigerant level can make your AC less efficient and less functional.

You can ensure that your refrigerant’s pressure and charge are accurate when an AC technician comes for tuning up your AC. If your technician finds that the refrigerant level is low, they can replace your refrigerant and ensure the system is operating as needed. If your AC is still using the R22 coolant, you need to upgrade it (as of 2020, the R22 coolant will not be available further).

Insulate the Refrigerant Line

As the refrigerant line exists outside the house, it can be subject to all kinds of abuses. The insulation that surrounds the refrigerant line tends to wear down throughout the year. During an AC tune-up, ask your specialist to re-insulate the refrigerant line to keep it protected from external elements.

If there is any leakage in the refrigerant line, you also need to patch that up. When you hire the best air conditioning companies in Phoenix, they will inspect the entire system and replace any severely damaged components.

Coil Cleaning

There are two sets of coils in the air conditioner. The condenser coil exists within the condenser unit and the evaporator coils inside the home unit. With time, these two sets of coils can become excessively dirty and desist the airflow. A professional technician will clean your coils during the tune-up to rid them of dust residue, and ensure that they are operating at their maximum capacity.

Motor Capacitor Test

The AC motor needs to run effectively and reliably for your AC to function properly. The capacitors help in transferring charge throughout the AC and allow it to run optimally. Over time, the capacitors can break down and deteriorate. A professional technician will test them and ensure that they are still doing their job correctly. They can use an electronic device to test and charge every capacitor.

Indoor Unit Insulation Inspection

You must insulate the air handler cabinet to help your AC run well. If you do not do this, you can strain the evaporator coils and cause the system to work harder than it should. However, the cabinet installation tends to wear out with time. An AC technician will check for any breakage or damage in the insulation during an AC tune-up. If the insulation has a scope of repair, it will be replaced.

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