Updated: July 2023

Summer is here and the temperatures can soar up to the 90s in Arizona. It is that time of the year when we all crank up our air conditioners to keep our houses cool and cosy. Just imagine waking up on a sunny morning to an air conditioner that will not turn on! Being stranded without your cooling unit in summer can be an antagonizing situation.

Thankfully, air conditioners do not stop working overnight. If you observe closely, you can catch a problem with your AC before it gives up on you. You need to look out for the following symptoms and reach out for AC repair Mesa before your cooling unit crashes.

Five Signs Your Cooling Unit Needs AC Service in Phoenix

  • AC Not Blowing Cool Air: If your AC has stopped blowing cool air, the odds are it is not working as it should. This one is a no-brainer! Crank up your cooling unit to a full blast and observe. If your HVAC unit does not blow air even at a higher setting, you are probably dealing with a faulty compressor and will need professional help.
  • Strange Smells and Sounds: We all know that air conditioners are not silent. We hear them when they kick on and know they are working when they hum in the background. But, if your air conditioner begins to make loud squealing and grating sounds, it could be an indicator that something is wrong. This could happen when moving metal parts need lubrication, a belt is loose, or the bearings in the motor are not functioning properly. Likewise, your cooling unit must not smell. If you notice any smells that are out of the ordinary, you must have them checked out right away. Strange smells could be due to mould in the ducts or wiring that is burning.
  • Accumulation of Moisture: If you notice any moisture in your air vents, or water pooled around the condenser unit, you should call for professional help with no further ado. Excess humidity is an indication of blocked or broken drain tubes or drains pans that need replacement. Dirty air filters too can cause the accumulation of moisture which can lead to the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Lack of Airflow: As mentioned earlier, if your air conditioner does not blow out any air, the compressor is the culprit. However, if certain areas of your home get cool, but others do not, the odds are you have a problem with your air conditioner ductwork. Call in a professional HVAC service provider to get your ducts cleaned before summer to ensure that your cooling unit can function optimally when the temperatures begin to rise.
  • High Electricity Bills: A spike in utility bills is a telltale sign of a faulty air conditioner. In most cases, a tune-up should fix the issue. If you notice a large spike in your electric bill, but your usage has not varied, call in a provider of Gilbert, AZ, air conditioner repair to take a look at your HVAC unit.

If your cooling unit is not working, do not panic. Contact A/C Doctors and we will dispatch an experienced HVAC technician to address your issues right away. Whether you need AC repair Phoenix for your home or AC installation for your business, we have your back. Call us today.

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