Updated: July 2023

Even the best AC units, believe it or not, can have air conditioning problems, especially in Arizona. And whether you live in Scottsdale, Peoria, or any other city in the Phoenix Valley, your air conditioning system is likely on the verge of failing and necessitating emergency repairs. The majority of these problems can be avoided with regular maintenance checks on air conditioning systems.

And, much like routine auto maintenance, it’s preferable to schedule an AC service tune-up before you experience any of the common AC problems listed below:

The Refrigerant Levels Are Not Cooling Your Air

If you can hear your Ac running but not cooling your home, the refrigerant levels may need to be checked. The crucial chemical mixture that cools the air flowing out of your unit is known as a refrigerant. An HVAC contractor in Phoenix can check the refrigerant levels and investigate why your air conditioner isn’t producing cool air.

Your AC Fan Will Not Rotate

The fan has worn out and has to be changed, a simple potential solution to this common air conditioning problem. Another possibility is that moisture has formed around the fan and is not draining properly. This can happen if the drain is plugged or otherwise blocked. Suppose these typical problems are not causing your fan not to rotate. In that case, a local AC contractor can inspect your air conditioner, replace the damaged fan, clean out the drain, and provide other troubleshooting and AC repair in Phoenix.

Your Thermostat Is Not Working Effectively

When it comes to the cooling and heating of your home, your thermostat is the brains of the operation. If it’s broken, your air conditioner won’t know what to do.

The following are symptoms of a broken thermostat:

  • AC will not turn on or off.
  • The temperature in the room does not correspond to the temperature set by the thermostat.
  • The air conditioner runs briefly and then shuts down before reaching the desired temperature.

If this troubleshooting does not resolve the problem, the source could be something else, such as dust accumulation or wiring issues, which would necessitate the assistance of an HVAC professional.

Short Cycling

A short cycling system is one that repeatedly turns on and off. This can very much be because of a variety of reasons. It could indicate that your AC condenser or evaporator needs cleaning.

Try cleaning your air conditioner and clearing any clogs. You can also check your humidity levels at home.

Many people are startled to realize that humidity plays a crucial role in the house. Suppose your air conditioner cools your home to the appropriate temperature, but humidity soon warms it back. In that case, up. In that case, your air conditioner may turn on and off repeatedly while working hard to make your home pleasant. Your best bet for putting your system back on track is to hire an HVAC contractor.

You will have to deal with one of these typical air conditioner problems sooner or later. As previously stated, many of these difficulties can be averted with routine maintenance.

Whether you require routine AC repair in Mesa or are experiencing a breakdown, The A/C Doctors are on standby to handle any air conditioner issues you may be experiencing. You can contact them right away!

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