Updated: July 2023

Some furnace noises are perfectly normal, whereas many other noises could indicate an underlying issue. When a furnace starts up to run a heating cycle, it makes a dull humming noise. It is typically not something to worry about.

However, loud, scary, and strange noises from your furnace could indicate serious problems. You need to call an HVAC contractor for all the heating services in Phoenix to get your furnace repaired.

If you hear banging, squeaking, rattling, or buzzing noises from your furnace, it is in dire need of expert help. But what do these noises mean? Let’s find out.

Banging Noise

Common causes of banging noises include delayed gas ignition and dirty burners.

When a furnace doesn’t ignite right away, gas starts building up in the combustion chamber. Once the furnace ignites, the extra gas combusts, making a loud banging noise. Delayed ignition can be caused by misaligned burners, limited gas supply, and a faulty electronic ignition system.

Over time, carbon and dirt build up on the burners. Dirty burners can also cause a furnace to make a banging noise. To clean your burners, first, turn off electricity and gas and remove them.

Put a soft-bristled brush onto the wand of your vacuum cleaner and run it over the surface of the burners to get rid of hardened pieces of dust and rust. Get all the heating services in Mesa to get rid of the issues.

After removing all the accumulated dirt, insert the burners back into your furnace and clip them in place.

Squeaking Noise

A squeaking or squealing noise from your furnace could indicate problems with your furnace blower. Your motor belt or blower motor bearings have probably worn out. Have your contractor inspect your furnace as soon as possible.

Rattling Noise

If you hear a rattling or clanging noise from your furnace, a part could be loose. If this is the case, you will need to tighten the part. Sometimes, a rattling noise could mean that the heat exchanger has begun to crack. A cracked heat exchanger could pose a severe safety threat. If your heat exchanger has begun to develop cracks, replace it immediately.

A buzzing or humming noise could be caused by typical furnace electrical issues such as a failing transformer, failed blower motor capacitor, or worn or failing motor. If you hear this noise, consult your contractor immediately.

Buzzing Noise

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