Updated: July 2023

Tips To Make Your House Ready For Winter

Cold weather, snowfall, and ice may all cause significant harm to your house if you don’t take the time to plan it before the wintertime sets in. This checklist will help you properly winterize your home and make it a lot more fun when the temperature drops. If you need the best heating services in Phoenix, you can contact A/C Doctors.

Try to Avoid Space Heaters and Fireplaces

Cleaning your fireplace regularly can also prevent you from having a house fire and reduce smoke. It’s a smart option to have your chimney evaluated once a year; a professional can tell you if it needs cleaning or repairs. It is advised to consult a professional for the best furnace repair in Mesa.

The Water Heater Should be Covered

You may want to buy a water heater insulation blanket to keep your water heater from cooling down as quickly. This will cost you around $20-25 at your local hardware store and help you save money on your heating bills.

Examine the Fireplace Flue and Clean the Chimney

Getting your chimney checked and cleaned is essential for fire safety because you presumably didn’t use it during the summer. While preparing your house for winter, call a qualified expert to assess your chimney if you require furnace repair. When your flue is sealed, the inspector will check for any collection that occurred during the off-seasons and test it for a tight seal.

Change the Filter and Check Your Heating System

Filters in furnaces should be replaced at least once every three months, although some experts advocate changing them once a month. Please make an appointment for an HVAC contractor to visit and check the furnace to ensure it is in working order. We’ll wash the furnace during their examination and replace the filter for you. It’s worth spending a little more to have your ducts cleaned as well.

Seal Gaps Around Your Doors and Windows

One of the key causes of winterizing your home is saving money on heating while effectively blocking the cold winter air. Seal any window cracks and add weatherproofing to your doors. Ensure all windows are closed to avoid a draft from entering. If your sashes aren’t connecting and your inner lock isn’t working, it may be necessary to replace your windows by just contacting an HVAC contractor in Phoenix.

Tree Branches Should Be Trimmed

Even strong tree branches are liable to collapse under the weight of winter snow, and if you have a snowstorm, even strong tree branches are likely to shatter. Cutting back overhanging trees can prevent you from getting roof damage if a branch breaks. Ice-coated twigs are heavy and can cause roof damage as well as internal harm if they fall through.

Why choose A/C Doctors for Heating Services?

Making an effort to set up your home for winter and do simple home maintenance can help you limit the amount of damage caused by winter storms or possibly prevent damage altogether. Once you’ve winterized your home, you may feel better prepared to face the winter months.

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