The quality of water we consume daily impacts our health and satisfaction considerably. When tap water has an unpleasant chemical taste from chlorine disinfectants and dissolved compounds, you may need to consider a water filtration system. A high-quality water filtration system proves invaluable by removing various physical, chemical, and biological processes that affect your water. By investing in a filtration system, you can significantly enhance the flavor of plain tap water.

A/C Doctors is a premier local plumbing and HVAC provider serving the residents of Gilbert, AZ. Our team offers whole-home and point-of-use water filtration systems. Our skilled technicians will first conduct a detailed analysis of your water to design a customized filtration solution that produces cleaner, better-tasting water from every tap in your home.

Eliminates Chlorine for Pure, Fresh Taste

Chlorine is added to public tap water supplies to eliminate microorganisms, but it can leave an intense chemical odor and taste lingering in the water. When you take a sip of tap water with high residual chlorine, it often tastes more like pool water than fresh water. Water filtration systems utilize activated carbon filters and catalytic carbon media to absorb and remove most of the chlorine. This results in water that has a pleasant, crisp taste without the piercing chemical aftertaste. The right filtration system can transform tap water into chlorine-free, tasty drinking water.

Removes Heavy Metals That Can Cause Metallic Flavors

Tap water can contain small amounts of certain heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, and arsenic absorbed from old service lines and plumbing. Even tiny concentrations of these metals can negatively impact taste, lending an unnatural metallic or chemical flavor. Multi-stage filtration systems use proven processes like reverse osmosis, ion exchange, chelation, and adsorption to extract these dissolved metals effectively. Eliminating the metals results in water that tastes clean, without metallic or chemical undertones.

Reduces Cloudiness and Particles for Clear, Clean Taste

Particles like silt, clay, organic debris, and algae suspended in tap water can make it appear cloudy or murky, negatively affecting taste and appearance. These particulates cause visible sediment while also making the water taste muddy. High-end water filtration removes particulate matter through microfiltration, ultrafiltration, or other mechanical separation methods, resulting in clear, sediment-free water with a much cleaner, crisper taste. Removing cloudiness and particulates makes the water more visually appealing and pleasant tasting.

Prevents Mineral Scale Buildup on Plumbing

Hard water contains high levels of dissolved calcium, magnesium, and other mineral salts that leave sticky scale deposits on plumbing fixtures and appliances. This mineral scale can impart an unpleasant flavor while promoting bacteria growth. Water softening filtration using ion exchange media reduces scale buildup in pipes and fixtures, keeping the water tasting pure and clean. Preventing scale also allows water-using appliances to function optimally.

Removes Organic Compounds That Cause Bad Taste and Odor

Naturally occurring organic substances in tap water, like grass, mud, algae, or chemicals, can cause unpleasant tastes and odors. Multi-media filtration systems use activated carbon’s huge surface area to absorb and capture these nasty taste and odor molecules through a process called carbonization. With the offensive compounds removed, the water is naturally clean and has a refreshing taste and smell. The right filtration prevents these offensive compounds from ruining your water’s taste.

Eliminates Microorganisms That Can Cause Foul Tastes

Microscopic pathogens like bacteria, protozoa, and algae can sometimes sneak into tap water sources and multiply, creating nasty, earthy, fishy, or sulfurous tastes if not removed. Advanced water filtration combines multiple treatment processes like UV disinfection, ultrafiltration membranes, and ozonation to eliminate microorganisms that cause unpleasant tastes and odors effectively. Multi-stage filtration leaves you with healthy water that tastes refreshingly clean.

Normalizes pH for Smooth, Balanced Taste

Filtration can optimize the pH of drinking water to ideal taste levels around 6.5 to 8. Water that is too acidic tastes sour, while highly alkaline water tastes bitter and unpleasant. Filtration gradually guides the pH into the sweet spot near neutral using methods like reverse osmosis and contact with calcite media. The proper pH balance results in smooth, clean-tasting water free of any harsh or chemical edge.

Adds Beneficial Minerals to Enhance Flavor

Some filtration systems can add helpful minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium in small amounts to actively elevate taste. These supplemental minerals enhance the natural subtle sweetness and complexity of the water’s flavor. Customized remineralization allows fine-tuning the minerals to achieve your ideal taste profile. When artfully balanced, key minerals noticeably boost the overall flavor of water.

Captures Soap and Chemicals for Clean, Pure Taste

Residual traces of soaps, detergents, and cleaning products can sometimes remain in tap water after washing. These residues often impart unpleasant chemical tastes. Multi-stage filtration systems with activated carbon media efficiently absorb and capture these residues before the water reaches your glass. The result is cleaner, crisper-tasting water without any chemical aftertaste or soapy flavor.

Provides Reliable, Consistent Taste

Parameters like pH, temperature, mineral content, and chlorine levels can fluctuate in municipal tap water, leading to inconsistent taste. Advanced water filtration produces water with a reliably clean, refreshing taste by removing these variabilities. Multi-stage systems also allow customizing the final water to your preferred optimal taste regardless of fluctuations in the source water.

Yields Crisp, Cool, Pleasant Tasting Water

The various purification and enhancement processes of water filtration remove unpleasant compounds while promoting favorable taste qualities. The result is crisp, refreshing water with subtle complexity and a delicious, balanced flavor profile. Multiple tailored filtration stages work together to maximize taste improvement from tap to tap. The cumulative effect is delicious water that tastes clean and pleasant.

Allows Customization for Your Perfect Taste

With diverse filtration techniques like reverse osmosis, ion exchange, remineralization, and activated carbon adsorption, you can strategically combine processes to achieve your ideal water taste. Collaborating with water quality specialists facilitates engineering a custom configuration perfect for your needs and sourcing water that optimizes taste according to your preferences.

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