The air conditioner at your home in Gilbert, AZ will make noise as it runs. If your cooling system is in good shape, the sound it makes should be a low, monotone humming, which indicates all’s well with the unit. However, there are many other sounds an air conditioner can make, most of which indicate there’s an issue somewhere in the system. Learn more about some of the other noises an AC can make, what they mean, and how to address them.


A rattling sound usually means there’s some debris stuck somewhere in the outdoor unit. If you haven’t had your outdoor unit checked out in a while, it may have begun accumulating various debris over time. An easy way to fix this is to just clear away these objects. However, rattling could also indicate some loose parts within the system. For this, it’s smart to reach out to an HVAC professional who will check inside the system and tighten up anything that’s come loose. Another possible cause of rattling includes a bad fan or blower.


If you’re hearing a loud screeching noise from your AC, it’s usually a sign of a bad fan motor in the outside unit. A malfunctioning blower fan motor in your indoor unit can also cause this sound. Whatever the issue is, don’t ignore it; trust in a trained technician to check it out and perform the required fix.


A hissing sound is another one that requires the intervention of a technician to address. A major reason for a hissing noise is that the system has a refrigerant leak. If you do have a leak, then reach out for professional assistance immediately. Never attempt to tackle a refrigerant issue yourself. Only technicians certified in handling coolant can take on the necessary work for this issue.

Another cause of the hissing is a leak somewhere in the ductwork. This is also something a professional can check on. An incompatible air filter could also cause this sound.


There can be many reasons for buzzing noises. The system may have some loose wiring. Your air conditioner might also have an issue with the contactor relay switch or bad fan blades. It could also just mean the system has gunked up condenser coils. Like with hissing, a buzzing noise could also indicate a refrigerant leak. As with most of the sounds on this list, enlist the services of a trained technician to come over to your home and find the cause of the buzzing noises.


A squealing sound coming from your cooling system can mean you have a fan belt misalignment. It might also indicate an issue with the motor bearings. One of the techs from A/C Doctors can figure out what’s causing your AC’s squealing in Gilbert.


Whenever you hear any banging from your AC, the culprit is often a loose component. If the issue’s related to the compressor, it’s definitely something you can’t fix on your own. You’ll need an experienced professional to find out what’s up with the compressor and associated banging sound.


When it’s for when your air conditioner turns on and off during its normal cycling, a clicking sound is perfectly normal. Besides this, though, you should not hear any sort of clicking at any other time from your AC. If you do, you may have a malfunctioning thermostat, or you may have some sort of electrical problem. In any event, have a professional assess the situation.


This noise may mean there’s a drainage problem with your AC unit. You could have a hole or a blockage somewhere within the lines. As this issue is complex, only experienced technicians should handle the repair work. Bubbling might also accompany hissing, meaning a refrigerant issue.


Dripping can also mean a problem with system drainage. If you start noticing condensation on your AC unit, call in a professional for help.


Similar to rattling, a whistling sound can mean your system has an obstruction somewhere, possibly from stuck debris. As with rattling, doing some cleaning around the unit might help solve the problem. A more serious cause of the whistling is if there’s damage or a misaligning of the fan blade, which a professional can fix. Air getting pushed through the ductwork can also cause whistling.


Grinding could indicate there are parts within the air conditioner rubbing together, causing friction and then a grinding sound. It could be the system just needs some lubricating at these friction points. If not, look into getting the problem parts replaced entirely with new ones.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Having a regular tune-up of your air conditioner is vitally important in helping prevent issues from occurring that cause some of the noises mentioned here. For example, during a maintenance appointment, your technician can check for things like loose parts inside the system that might cause banging or rattling. This professional can also inspect your air conditioner for wiring issues causing buzzing sounds.

Beyond just having your cooling unit checked for noises that cause system issues, a routine tune-up just makes sense to help keep your AC running optimally, to keep your home cool every summer, and to prevent you from having to pay for more expensive repair services down the road. Have this tune-up done in the spring before you have to use your AC for the hot summers in Gilbert.

Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

If you’ve had the necessary repairs and maintenance service done for your cooling unit but it’s still making all sorts of strange noises, you may need a replacement. Among many other benefits, such as improved air quality, better temperature control, and reduced monthly energy bills, modern air conditioners run much quieter than their older counterparts. The only sound you should hear from your upgraded AC when it runs is the aforementioned low hum.

The team at A/C Doctors can help if you need a new AC installation in Gilbert. We’ll check out your current air conditioner and let you know if you should upgrade to a more efficient model. We’ll strive to get the install done as soon as possible so as to not disrupt your daily routine. Our technicians will also show you how the new unit works and explain all its features.

We’re Your Reliable AC Experts

If you’re hearing one odd noise after another emanating from your cooling system at your home, let the team at A/C Doctors know. We’ll send over one of our trained professionals to help determine what the problem is. In addition to our AC services, we can provide heating system repair, maintenance, and installation. Our company also offers many plumbing services, including pipe replacement, leak detection, drain cleaning, and trenchless sewer line repair. Our business also has 24/7 emergency service for repairs, financing per approved credit for installations, and a total home protection plan.

To get help with your noisy air conditioner, give us a call today at A/C Doctors to set up service in Gilbert.

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