An air filtration system could be a wonderful way to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones. Various tests have shown that having an air purification system in your home can help with a variety of issues. Everything from minor health problems to sleep quality and concentration can be improved by breathing in cleaner air at home.

A home air filtration system not only minimizes the risk of health issues that are related to airborne contaminants, but it also has more surprising advantages. Just a couple of these are lengthening the life span of your HVAC system and making household chores easier. Let’s take an in-depth look at the many benefits of having a home air filtration system.

Reducing the Risk of Illness

Many of the viruses that cause illness come to us through the air that we breathe. If someone is sick and they cough or sneeze, infected droplets are expelled from their nose or mouth into the air. These droplets remain in the air for longer than you might think, only to be inhaled by others, causing the illness to spread.

Having an air filtration system in your residence can significantly cut down on the risk of airborne transmission of a host of common viruses.

Allergy Relief

Allergies are regularly triggered by the air that we breathe in. Home air filtration systems filter out a variety of airborne contaminants such as pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. Symptoms that stem from allergic reactions to contaminants in the air include overall discomfort, wheeziness, and watery eyes. Studies have shown that air filtration systems can have a dramatic effect on these symptoms for those who suffer from allergies.

Increasing the Life Span of Your Air Conditioner

An important long-term benefit of utilizing a home air filtration system is the positive effect it can have on your HVAC. Dust and other pollutants can put a strain on your air conditioner. This can cause it to be clogged, making it work less effectively and compromising its efficiency. In turn, this can also lead to increased utility bills. An air filtration system provides support to your HVAC, likely increasing its life span and cutting down on the possibility of costly repairs.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

If you have any elders or children in your home, a home air filtration system is a good investment for their health. Indoor toxins can be unsafe at any age, but children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the negative effects that come from contaminants in the air. Having a home air filtration system can help protect those you love from these contaminants.

A Fresher Smelling Home

If you have a pet or are a smoker, it can be very difficult to keep your home smelling pleasant when guests come over. One benefit of a home air filtration system is that it removes the particles in the air that create foul smells, which leaves your home pleasantly fresh.

Asthma Relief

Ask anyone who has asthma, and they will let you know what a serious condition it can be. It has been proven that poor air quality can exasperate the respiratory issues that those who suffer from asthma have to contend with. It can even lead to potentially life-threatening asthma attacks. A home air filtration system can make a major difference in managing the symptoms that come with asthma.

Better Sleep

Recent studies have shown that the air we breathe has a significant impact on how well we sleep. It can be as much of a factor in how well you rest as noise levels and the temperature. Lacking proper rest can contribute to numerous health issues, including obesity, heart disease, and depression. A home air filtration system could potentially give you a better night’s rest, cutting down on the possibility of compromised health.

Overall Long-Term Wellness

Poor air quality can be a contributing factor in an entire litany of health issues. This can range from as mild as eye, nose, and throat irritation to more serious conditions like cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases. Long-term exposure to poor air quality can chip away at your overall wellness over time.

Having a home air filtration system can be a big step toward thinking about the long-term wellness of yourself and your loved ones.

Improved Climate Control

It is a common misconception that an air conditioning unit works well, regardless of the quality of the indoor air. This, however, is not always the case. When indoor air is thick with pollutants and contaminants, it can be more difficult for an HVAC system to maintain the desired temperature. Having a home air filtration system can keep your HVAC system able to do its job.

Easier Housekeeping

Does it feel to you as though your home is never completely clean, no matter what you do? Getting rid of dust in your home can feel like a vicious cycle; as soon as you wipe it up, more appears before you know it. A home air filtration system can actually help with this problem.

A home air filtration system sucks those pesky dust particles right out of the air before they can settle on your furniture. By regularly utilizing this type of system, you are actually making your household chores much easier.

Speak to a Professional About Home Air Filtration Systems

If you are in Gilbert, AZ or the surrounding area and looking into how home air filtration could be a welcome addition to your residence, get in touch with our experts at A/C Doctors. We are a family-owned business with over two decades of experience in indoor air quality. Our focus is getting the job done quickly and effectively for our customers, all while offering competitive pricing and outstanding workmanship.

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We’ll help make sure that the quality of the indoor air you breathe is improved as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to discuss finding the best home air filtration system to meet your unique needs, give us a call today at A/C Doctors.

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